Bill Greenwood as a
Mendota High School

After high school, Bill went on to make his name known as he worked up the ladder to eventually become Chief Operating Officer of the Burlington Northern Railroad. He, along with five others in his team, came up for the idea that is known by lay people today as "Piggyback" - transporting semi-trailers on rail cars. However, Bill had the name changed to "Intermodal" for the operation at BN. He stated, "the rest of the Railroad industry followed BN, not only in the name change, but in how we operated the business. BNSF is by far the number one intermodal carrier in North America."
Bill, who now lives in Texas, remains active in innovative ideas. He frequently returns to Mendota as President of the Mendota Museum & Historical Society.


Bill is now retired and resides in WestLake, TX. However, he frequently returns to Mendota, IL. He is president of, and very active in, the Mendota Museum & Historical Society.


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