Henry Eby served as a soldier in Company C in the 7th Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War. He was born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania on September 8, 1841. In 1850 his family moved to LaSalle County, Illinois and built a house about three miles east of Mendota.
Eby enlisted for three months in the Union Army, 12th Infantry. He then re-enlisted in Company C, 7th Illinois Cavalry. He participated in battles including Stones River and Chickamauga. He was confined to Belle Island Prison in Virginia but later transferred to Libby Prison and then Smith Prison. Later, he was again transferred to Danville, Virginia, where he contracted smallpox. He escaped on January 1864 only to be recaptured 35 miles from he Union lines and was sent back to Belle Island. In March 1864, as a part of a prisoner exchange, he and 400 Union soldiers were released. In October, at the end of his enlistment, he returned to his home near Mendota, Illinois.






Grave Marker of
Henry Eby
Restland Cemetery
Mendota, Illinois

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