Board of Directors

William E. Greenwood, President
Dwight Frick Vice President
Marsha Jones, Treasurer
Dar Wujek, Secretary

David Boelk
Peter Conkey
Steve Dancey
Kate Fox
JoEllyn Gahan
Dave Jones
Ian Richardson
Alan Russell

Leonard Schaller

Chris Stamberger
Bryon Walters
Verona Whitmore
Wayne Whitmore 


Hiistory & Goals & Vision

Chris Stamberger, Hume-Carnegie Museum President
Alan Russell, Union Depot Museum President

Mark Heimann, Breaking the Prairie Museum

Society Staff

Dar Wujek, Executive Director
Ed Bock, Depot Master
Mary Schallhorn, Administrative Assistant




The Mendota Museum & Historical Society was formed as a not-for-profit corporation by Mr. Horace D. Hume in May of 1993. The original officers were Horace D. Hume, President; Marsha Jones, Vice President and Treasurer; and Michelle Babin, Secretary.

Mr. Hume, seeing the need for a larger and updated public library building for his adopted hometown, donated funds to construct a new home for the Graves Public Library, freeing up the 1904 Carnegie library building. Mr. Hume contributed additional funds to restore this beautiful building and fulfill his vision to use this structure to create a museum dedicated to the history of the Mendota Area.

Mr. Hume expanded the Board of Directors in 1995 and an organization was developed which drew up a strategic plan. This document provided for the development of the Hume-Carnegie Museum, the Union Depot Railroad Museum and the Breaking the Prairie Museum-dedicated to the agricultural history of the area. The guiding force for the activities of the society were to be driven by the following mission statement.


Vision 2000

Mendota's Mission is to create services, entertainment, and hometown pride for a turn of the century environment that results in the area becoming an attractive community for quality living, retirement, and shopping.

The Hume-Carnegie Museum opened in August of 1996. The Union Depot Railroad Museum opened in August of 1997. The Breaking the Prairie Museum's first building, the Mathesius Brothers' Barn was completed in 2002. The Country Chapel was completed in 2004.

The MMHS is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Financial contributions from Mr. Hume, the City of Mendota, many individuals and organizations have come together with artifacts, memories, and volunteers to create this wonderful museum complex.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MMHS is educational - to preserve and interpret the history of the Mendota area. The Hume-Carnegie Museum exhibits the area's people, industry, and commerce. The Union Depot Railroad Museum showcases the area's railroad history. The Breaking the Prairie Agricultural Museum commemorates the area's agricultural heritage.
Revised April 8, 2002

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